SOFA ABC Planning - Conservative Investing Workshop - Indiana Wesleyan University

What if the worst Bear market in history happened again? The economy is uncertain, but your retirement doesn’t need to be. Are you ready for retirement? It’s never too early, or too late to plan for the journey. Granted, the challenge is daunting. What is your plan to maintain your standard of living through 30 plus years in retirement?

Now is the time to create your Retirement Roadmap! Whether retirement is decades away, just around the corner, or already in your rear view mirror, The ABC Conservative Investing Workshop endorsed and presented by the Central Indiana Society For Financial Awareness, will help you create your ideal journey. Register now, and learn how to create your own ABC plan designed to protect principal, retain gains, mitigate tax, and guarantee income in retirement.

Register now for January workshops at:

Knights of Columbus
1305 North Delaware Street
Indianapolis, IN 46202

Workshop dates are Jan 14th and/or Jan 21st


See more information, a full course description and register here!
Or you can call 317-870-9107.


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